It came to our attention that some out of state registrants had some difficulties to checkout. The easiest is to use Paypal.
We have worked out solutions, especially to implement "Bank Transfer" and "Zelle".

When using a manual payment method, BOCUS/WORLDZAF2023 sends you an order confirmation by email with instructions. After we receive the payment, we then manually approve the order and send you the receipt.
You can transfer payment to WorldZaf 2022. ( YES! 2022 was the name !!! Initially created before Covid.)
Bank of America - Routing number 111000025 - Account 488 1096 70 322
C/o Rick Hoekstra
13901 4th Street
Santa Fe - TX 77517

We also use Zelle extensively. It is a very easy method to pay or receive funds from friends or relatives via the menu in your own on-line banking application:
1). Go to your on-line banking/app and click on the Zelle icon (which all major US banks now have)
2) Add a recipient: Worldzaf2023 = Rick Hoekstra
                               Nickname: WZ 
2) Save, Go back to menu, Select SEND
3.) Search for WZ
4). Finish the transfer according to instructions.

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