Zaf Costs

DUE TO CONCERNS EXPRESSED OVER THE COST OF THE 2023 ZAF, we have made some revisions that we hope will allow many Brothers worldwide to now be able to attend.  
THE NEW COST of a 2023 Zaf ticket is $900 per person, a substantial reduction.  See details per event.

The major changes are:
1). We have added the Holiday Inn Resort, which is directly next door to the San Luis Resort, Spa and Conference Center, and a part of the San Luis property, as an optional hotel under our contract.  The rate is a guaranteed $159 per night plus taxes.  All scheduled activities will remain at the San Luis location, and buses for excursions will leave from the San Luis.  Your Zaf ticket pays for a large breakfast daily at the San Luis, and the Mainsail Room at the San Luis will be available to all as a meeting/gathering place.
PLEASE NOTE that if you register at any hotel or lodging other than the two with which we have contracted, transportation to and from the San Luis will not be provided.
**We understand the current price of airline tickets is very high, but we strongly encourage all attendees whose travel budget will allow to stay at the San Luis Resort, Spa and Conference Center.  Not only will you be conveniently on site and able to enjoy all the amenities of this beautiful hotel, but we have a contracted quota we must make on room costs, and having more people stay at the San Luis will bring us closer to this necessary goal.**
2).  We have deleted the rodeo as a part of the Zaf ticket.  The club level inclusive of meals and drinks would be extremely expensive.  We are still offering the rodeo as an optional excursion, and the tickets will be in general seating.  This will still be a fun and exciting excursion for those wanting to go.  In making your decision, know that the rodeo grounds are quite large, and there will be a lot of walking involved.

3).  We are ending the Zaf on Friday morning rather than Saturday morning, but will have an optional Friday afternoon gathering at the San Luis.

Cost of the Zaf : $900.00 per person.


Pay in full at time of registration
Pay by installments: $300 per person due on registration
$300 per person due by September 30, 2022
$300 per person due by December 31, 2022  

Registrations made after September 30 require payment in full - $ 900.

Use the discount code "600" or "1200" during checkout to enjoy the installment option.


There will be no refunds except in extreme circumstances which will be handled on an individual basis. Disputes will be heard by the Assembly of Table Captains. Their decision will be final.